It owes its name to the “top of the Lazaret”. That’s in 1865 by the will of the Protestant parish of Sete and of its Pasteur, the Pasteur Lucien Benoit, whom should be create an etablishment of sea bathing. The Lazaret is also the first family home of France.The Centre is managed by an Association law 1901 in unprofitable purpose. It supports his social and family vacation.It receives in a climate of freedom favouring meeting and development personnel , families, associative groups and persons from any horizons.

With its 150 years history, the Lazaret benefits from a strong mark of sympathy of many families, faithful for aome for more than 70 years.

The Lazaret is also a family centre of Protestant inspiration.All year long we welcome groups, sessions, families, individual.An oratory where they can take place of debates, conferences , projections and religious celebrations is at your disposition.

Construction and renovation

The main ground floor building of the new Lazaret ( Gabian, Petrel and Cormoran) were built through donations and fundraisings. For several years these two places were dedicated to the swimmers.

  • From 1900 two new buildings: « l’Albatros », two floors, built in 1896 and « Les Mouettes » in 1902.
  • Between 1923 and 1924 Le Lazaret keeps on widening buying Le Martinet, a field where is nowadays « Le Goéland » and building « Les Alouettes ».
  • In 1929 within many works around, the underground passage to the beach took place being therefore a main advantage for Le Lazaret.
  • Between 1934 and 1938 a new building expansion with the purchase of « Frégate » and the construction of « Les Flamants ».
  • In 1979 and in 1992 Le Lazaret built « Les Goélands » and renovated two of the four first buildings, « Albatros » and « Pétrel ».